Sunday, March 9, 2008

POSTSCRIPT - midnight December 31, 08. Full circle...

The flag under which our troops, men and women of different ethnic backgrounds, fought side by side, and gained glory for SA in WW2

Written at midnight, December 31,2008
So here I am, crying my eyes out after listening to the song 'STAND BY ME' on YouTube and hearing black people in South Africa sing in harmony as no other people can - because it's their special, God-given gift. I think of my Dutch ancestors who came with Jan van Riebeeck to found a new country in 1652, my French forebears who, fleeing from religious persecution in France, arrived in Table Bay on the 4th of August, 1688, on the Berg China; my great-grandfather (the 'Frank hero' or 'Frans Held' of Bronkhorstspruit); my great-grandmother who died in a concentration camp during the Boer War; my awesome father for whom flags flew at half mast and all places of business were closed on the day of his funeral ... and I ask myself, "How did we South Africans, white and black, manage to make such a mess of things?"

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